Coronavirus and pregnancy: What it’s like to be expecting in the middle of a Covid-19 pandemic

Coronavirus and pregnancy: What it’s like to be expecting in the middle of a Covid-19 pandemic

Search Search. Menu Sections. Picture: Caroline Quinn. Tuesday September 28th started as a normal day but for me but there was an added excitement – I was almost 22 weeks pregnant and it was the day of my anomaly scan with my consultant in the hospital. Today I get to see my baby up on the big screen bouncing around. When I got into the hospital, I did a second Snapchat of me walking towards the scan room and then I put the phone away. Our scan appointment was for 3. I was busy guzzling back ice cold water to get the baby to be active for the scan. I could feel the baby moving inside me.

Pregnancy-Related Fears: Know the Facts about Birth Defects

As stretched hospitals put restrictions on birth plans and visitors, three pregnant women share their stories and concerns. It is nine days since pregnant women were officially placed among the “vulnerable” people who need to take more care than most during the coronavirus outbreak. Since then, advice from individual health board has changed on an almost daily basis, with women in some areas now being told their partners cannot be with them during early labour or on the postnatal ward.

It’s a far cry from what most couples will have been eagerly imagining and looking forward to and leaves women facing the prospect of going through much of the process alone.

London police deploy face scan tech, stirring privacy fears Police are “using the latest most up-to-date algorithm we can get,” McEwan said.

Repeatedly exposing the developing baby to alcohol and the poisons in cigarette smoke is much more likely to cause harm than one event. It is safest for baby to avoid alcohol and cigarettes for the rest of your pregnancy however. Read more here about smoking and pregnancy. Read more here about alcohol and pregnancy. This is likely to make the countdown to 12 weeks a very anxious time for you, as this is when the risk of miscarriage drops.

However, keep in mind that having had one miscarriage does not make it more likely that you will miscarry again. For the majority of women, a miscarriage is a one-off event and most who have had a miscarriage go on to have a healthy baby afterwards. Only 1 in women suffer from recurrent repeated miscarriage. Read more about mental wellbeing and pregnancy. Read more about staying active in pregnancy. Folic acid helps prevent neural tube defects, such as spina bifida, but it is most likely that your baby will be fine even if you missed taking it.

Neural tube defects are rare but almost completely preventable by taking folic acid, and this is why health professionals, books and websites all say it is important to take it.

Patient Stories – Molar Pregnancies

Am nervous about the 20 week scan cos I can’t yet feel bubs properly and my ms has largely gone thank god so am in that limbo period where I don’t feel overly pg! New Posts. Members Profile. Post Reply. I have a dating scan today , and im nervous.

were fear of miscarriage (%) and discomfort (%). With TVS, % sequentially attending a routine dating scan clinic at weeks’ gestation were​.

I knew from the second I looked at the screen that something was very wrong. It was May, , I was three months pregnant and this was my 12 week scan. When I began to feel less nauseous in the run up to my 12 week scan I thought it was because I was entering the fourth month. The fact that I now know that baby could never have survived does not make the loss any easier.

I went to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital to have an ERPC, was treated with as little care as I have ever received and was given a garbled explanation from the consultant about what had happened. He mentioned Molar Pregnancy, said it was a form of cancer but that it was removed and there was nothing to worry about.

I had already suffered two previous miscarriages so when the consultant said he was referring me to a specialist clinic I assumed it was to investigate that. I spent several ill-advised days researching Molar Pregnancies on the internet and getting into a panic about worse case scenarios. Unfortunately this website was not up and running a year ago so I ended up reading research papers, magazine articles and scant explanations on medical sites.

The net result was complete confusion and fear. I lived like that for four months — terrified that I would need more treatment that would eat away at my chance of ever having children and devastated every time another friend announced their pregnancy. Then I was fortunate enough to attend an Open Day at Charing Cross where I got the chance to meet other couples who had experienced Molar Pregnancies and talk to the experts.

It was only then I learnt the true and extremely low risk of needing any further treatment and managed to put my Molar Pregnancy in perspective.

Top Pregnancy Fears You Can Feel Better About

One of the things pregnant women tend to worry about the most are birth defects. In fact, according to Parents Magazine , 78 percent of expectant mothers rated birth defects as their number one concern. But knowing the facts can help ease your anxiety.

Hearing the heartbeat and seeing the little jelly bean that matched my dates The 12 week scan, just two weeks later, was the only appointment I wasn’t going to change anything for this pregnancy and also I feared the very likely possibility.

Exhilaration, excitment, joy, amazement – all emotions it’s common to feel when you find out that you’re pregnant. But something that’s talked about less often is that it can also be a time of pregnancy anxiety and worry, especially when when a higher risk factor is involved. Here’s Fran talking about how she felt during her first pregnancy, and when she found out she was expecting twins:. I am very lucky. However, perhaps due to hormones or maybe because Mother Nature was preparing me for becoming a mum, I did turn into a massive worrier.

So what was my experience with pregnancy anxiety? At eight weeks I got a bit of a bleed.

Mama-to-be: the anomaly scan

In our real-life version of snakes and ladders we had slid down another snake and were back to the start. I was 35 when our daughter was born and we took for granted that we would have a second child. I got pregnant almost as soon as we started trying but I had no pregnancy symptoms at all and a gut feeling that something was wrong. The sonographer started the scan and we waited anxiously for the image to come into view.

But there was nothing there, just a black screen.

Maybe you were scan the first date of your last period LMP. Fearless Scan, a unique can to birth preparation that is ideal for those who have fears around birth.

But for mums that have previously experienced a loss, pregnancy can be a particularly anxious time and can feel far from the serene or happy experience that most women wish for. She wrote:. I felt good. All is good. Spinal cord? In position. But it made me realise how small the Pukka bean is; the size of a little hedgehog but without the spiky armour.

It made me realise that at 21 weeks I’m only halfway there and that fear of loss still lurks gloomily behind the ultrasound machine. I still check for blood in my undercrackers at every loo visit, I Google ‘my baby isn’t moving’ every other day.

The 1%: My story of recurrent miscarriage

In these challenging times the SCoR and BMUS realise that sonographers are having to deal with managing the demands of providing a high quality service whilst protecting staff and patients, possibly with limited staffing and concerned patients. This frequently asked questions document aims to help provide answers, where possible, or guide sonographers to relevant sources of current information. The information is changing on at least a daily basis, so it is important to review advice from Public Health England and other relevant bodies.

It is important to realise that the current information regarding COVID is extremely fluid, changing as the situation demands. It is therefore important to follow the advice individual trusts and employers are releasing as this is pertinent to the local situation and will be in line with government advice.

The coronavirus pandemic can trigger deep fears, but there are Parts of our brains specialize in scanning incoming information for danger.

And there is a reason why this fear is so controlling in the first trimester. Whenever diabetes and pregnancy is mentioned there is a long list of horrific possible outcomes that accompany it: Yes all of these are potential risks until any pregnancy, but there always seems to will a degree of inevitability with diabetes. Having a healthy baby when diabetic seems to be against all the odds and so unsurprisingly fear takes over. There was one dating however when my fear scared.

The first step I had to take on managing my diabetes in pregnancy was to adjust my basal background rate on my pump. This involves doing a fasting test until the night and testing my baby sugars every two hours. So after my appointment I made sure I had my last carb baby before the allocated time and then scared the basal test. Two hours in I was fine. Another two hours and my sugars scared risen.

I’m worried about my pregnancy scan

Feels like a long wait before your antenatal scan? By Rachel Mostyn. Our forums are full of similar stories. I know there is nothing I can do to prevent anything going wrong, but I am so worried! It can feel like an eternity. And one definitely not helped by our bodies playing tricks on us.

Preparing for the anomaly scan – scared but afraid to admit it being together to work through the feelings of fear and anxiety is paramount to helping you cope.

LONDON — London police started using facial recognition cameras on Tuesday to automatically scan for wanted people, as authorities adopt the technology that has raised concerns about increased surveillance and erosion of privacy. Surveillance cameras mounted on a blue police van monitored people coming out of a shopping center in Stratford, in east London. London police are using the technology despite warnings from rights groups, lawmakers and independent experts about a lack of accuracy and bias in the system and the erosion of privacy.

This is something you do in China, not in the U. Britain has a strong tradition of upholding civil liberties and of not allowing police to arbitrarily stop and identify people, she said. Police Commander Mark McEwan downplayed concerns about the machines being unaccountable. Even if the computer picks someone out of a crowd, the final decision on whether to investigate further is made by an officer on the ground, he said.

The watchlist images are mainly of people wanted by the police or courts for serious crimes like attempted murder, McEwan said. London police say that in trials, the technology correctly identified 7 in 10 wanted people who walked by the camera while the error rate was 1 in 1, people. But an independent review found only eight of 42 matches were verified as correct.


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